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With many people embracing the use of QR codes to store and share information or data to people through a scan of their smartphone cameras, the metaverse aligns a new and secure way to store their digital assets and data called NFTs.

In the metaverse, one unique set of codes have helped digital artists, musicians, content creators, and more secure their digital assets.  And they call these sets of codes non-fungible tokens or NFT.

But as more enterprises are turning to the use of NFTs to secure their digital assets and make them rare on the internet, knowing what NFT is and how they work is still a question that most internet-savvy individuals find an answer to.

Because of the little amount of information about NFTs available on the internet today, this article will serve as a guide to walk you through the simplest concept behind NFTs and how they can change the way digital users secure their data with it.

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

A non-fungible token or known as an NFT is a digital document with a hash that is stored within a type of blockchain-like Etherium that usually stores a file within it. 

As it is non-fungible, its coding is unique and non-interchangeable. Its coding chain always shows up to the owner that originally has them.

Because its code is non-interchangeable, they are highly integrated by netizens especially digital artists, music makers, and online influencers to sell their digital assets like art, music, and other files to their community of intent.

Stored in a secured server called digital wallets just like the other cryptocurrencies, the security it holds on the internet is precise and useful for avoiding data counterfeiting.

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